About Us / Transition Institute

The Transition Institute acts globally as a catalyst for the exchange and discussion within the context of borders and limits. Borders and limits emerge in various ways and mean different things for each of us. With our artworks and observations we are opening up a discussion about the Border itself and the zone in between - where one side is seperated from the other but the limits might touch.


Franziska Agrawal dipl.des./MBA

German designer Franziska Agrawal transcends the borders of the worlds of art and design. She holds a Masters in Industrial Design (Dipl.Des) from HfG (Hochschule für Gestaltung) Pforzheim in Germany and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in Providence, USA. And a MBA in International Management from Brighton University, UK.

In 2005 she has been awarded with the highest endowed international first prize by the Raymond Loewy Foundation as acknowledgement for her innovative and comprehensive thesis work in the area of industrial design.

She has led interdisciplinary research efforts on developing awareness and innovations in the discourse of emerging global cultures and identities, social structures and urban landscapes through Photography and documentary;

Her artistic work practice extends across a range of disciplines and is represented in public and private collections around the world. Her works in temporary architecture and Concrete Art are about 'aesthetic essence' and 'directly from the mind' – influenced by minimalism and yogic science and philosophy - it’s all about balance.

Since 1999 she is Leading Artist and Head of Team Germany at International Snow Sculpting Championships and Symposiums around the Globe.


Since spring 2016 she is Founder of the Institute of transition.


Valentin Lülsdorf

Valentin Lülsdorf is an emerging artist with european roots.

Since graduating at University Bremen (Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Media and Cultural Science ) about Sustainability in the Arts in 2017 he is working on various projects ranging from visual arts to cultural/political.

Being influenced by French Existentialism and German Kybernetics while studying under Rolf Thiele on Academía Galan, FR his works focus on the current state. Being able to do so it is critical to understand what is going on – a process with different techniques and several possible outcomes. His art is mostly sitespecific installations made out of natural materials//landart as well as documentary photography.

Has been awarded Best Innovative Thinker at designandstrategy 2017